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Legal Help for Short- & Long-Term Disability Claims in Wilmington

Legal Help for Short- & Long-Term Disability Claims in Wilmington

Long- and short-term disability plans may present extremely difficult legal problems.

Many disability programs provide two levels of coverage. The first will pay you for a short period of time if you are unable to perform your own occupation. It will then continue to pay you only if you are unable to perform any occupation.

The law governing private disability benefits is extremely severe. Only evidence that is submitted during the administrative appeal can be considered in a lawsuit. You do not get to give testimony, you do not have a jury, and the only decision for a court is whether the insurance company "abused its discretion" in the consideration of your claim. The federal law that governs disability benefits in employment situations is so strongly in favor of insurance companies that it is very difficult to win, very complicated and very time consuming. Most law firms won't undertake this type of representation.

Our firm has extensive experience in long-term disability, having represented people from many professions and against many insurance companies. We often represent individuals on a contingency fee basis, recognizing that we will get paid only if we succeed in obtaining their benefits.