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Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Wilmington

Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Wilmington

Report an Accident Immediately

We can help you if you have been seriously injured on the job and have been denied, or are not receiving the appropriate compensation or medical benefits. We are happy to explain your rights so you can choose and decide if you need an attorney.

It is important for you to report an injury or accident immediately to your employer (within 30 days) and get medical care. Even if your injury seems minor, you need to make certain that whatever has happened gets written down. The North Carolina Industrial Commission also has a form. It needs to be filed very soon after an accident and it must be mailed to the proper address on the form. The form tells the Industrial Commission and your employer that you have had an accident on the job and you want to be covered for benefits.

The North Carolina Workers' Compensation Act

Under the North Carolina Workers' Compensation Act, an attorney must report to the North Carolina Industrial Commission when they are retained by an injured employee. Our firm believes that injured workers should have the right to obtain basic information about their claims without having to retain a law firm. As a consequence, basic advice is often given free of charge, such as how to file a Form 18, where to send the Form 18, what kind of information to exchange with the insurance company, or what benefits to expect from an injury or accident. It may be necessary to hire an attorney early in the proceedings. We can advise you on a case by case basis.

Concluding an Injury Claim

The process of concluding a claim, particularly where there is future medical care or payment of permanent compensation, may need the help of an attorney to make certain that all benefits are paid and medical compensation is provided.
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